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Updated COVID-19 Protocols

Please read the announcement to our updated COVID-19 Protocols.

Dear USMSM Community Members,

The USMSM follows COVID-19 symptom monitoring protocols as outlined by its managing institution, University of Maryland College Park. Visitors entering the facility must complete a symptom monitoring form and submit to a temperature check.

Faculty and students entering the facility for in-person instruction must follow the home institution protocol (spring 2021: UMCP), by using the app and symptom monitoring. Staff who are at the facility regularly should complete the daily check-in on the app.

Under ALL circumstances, individuals who are at the facility must wear a mask and must maintain appropriate social distancing. Should any individual show symptoms, please do not come to the facility, and have a test done as soon as possible. If a test is positive, the individual must quarantine for 14 days, and proof of a negative test must be submitted to return to the facility.

Note: Should conditions change, USMSM may require regularly scheduled testing, but this is not currently a requirement.

Stay Safe,

Dr. Eileen D. Abel Executive Director

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